Data Management Services

We do data different... quality, communication, commitment to client

Master Data Management Services

Data Migration

Move our millions of tiny pieces of stuff from one place to another – and don’t lose anything while you are at it please! Make it fast, make it as cheap as possible and as painless as possible. That is your order to us. We take moving data seriously.

Data Integration

Your new customers, new partners, the newly purchased competitor – your many sources of input. All of this data converging at once into one place. You want this data to be pure, correct, ready for use. This is where we come in. We don’t just “do data”, we look for real-life contextual factors like semantic conflicts of definition or benchmarking against a particular set of criteria.

Data Conversion

This is the place where you benefit most from our large network of experts and our years of working in so many different environments. Converting data needs upfront experience with source and target formats. We rely heavily on our network of experts who work directly with us to ensure we bring you first-hand knowledge of each and every format we are working with.

Data Quality

Junk in = junk out. Unknown in = unknown out. Use our expertise to set yourself up for data management success – all day, every day.

Data Governance

When someone from your side inputs data, you want to know the right data gets input into the right place – so, text doesn’t belong in a number field, for example. We work directly with our clients, setting up precise benchmarking details such as: business rules, definitions and constraints, the “who is allowed” and “what is allowed” of your company information so that you can monitor, maintain, manage, assess, improve and finally use your data to your benefit.

Data Consolidation

You most likely know data integration takes longer than data consolidation. In an effort to save time and money, you might even be tempted to skip a few steps along the way. We know why you should avoid that temptation and we walk you through the process so the data you receive in the end is what you really needed to begin with.


That which is based in an accurate interpretation of reality. We like providing our clients with accurate information so they can have realistic expectations and then make real decisions which bring tangible outcomes.

How we do data

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one, tight team of people for your data migration project? The entire team has the same understanding of the workload and everyone on the team is working on the same timelines and goals. Everyone on the team knows how to communicate effectively, not just between themselves, but also with the client as well as the external project-coordination firm.
We believe data migration projects filled with personnel hired in from separate sources are a hotspot for conflicting goals – those of the paying customer and those of the external project-coordination firm. When these two groups of people don’t communicate well together, the paying customer always loses.
At Lusion, we do data differently. We don’t just give you one expert for your project. When possible, we bring the entire team. Our hand-picked experts work in tandem, covering every task and phase of the migration, while providing continuity and project loyalty, phase after phase, roll-out after roll-out. Working with us gives you more ability to ensure all team members are working toward the same goal and solving issues as one force.
You no longer need to piecemeal your team members and be held hostage to the lack of qualified experts for your next data migration project. You have an alternative – Lusion.

  • Our History

    Lusion GmbH was founded on one truth - bring our customers true value: data management project-implementation based on realistic expectations, led by realistic goals, guided by realistic milestones, using open communication and grounded in a commitment to meeting our client's needs.

  • Our Clients

    The companies which choose to be our clients are generally global market leaders in their industry. They are used to staying one step ahead of their game. They are not afraid to look at challenges with open eyes and they believe in the idea of being different as a competitive advantage.

  • Industries We Work In

    We are honored to continue in the 10th year to serve the automobile, manufacturing and transportation industries. In addition, we are quite pleased to add the machine-building and pharmaceutical industries to our experience. The added experience in process and project scope is what we appreciatively share with our existing and new clients.

  • More Than Techies

    We pride ourselves in being more than "technical nerds". For us, no project can be successful without good communication between all parties. It is our aim to strive for the highest quality service offering we can provide, at the best price available, and to being the company with the reputation of having the most communicative techie team in the business.

Work for us

Do you love making things work, solving the unsolvable, bringing the answer to the question? Are you a freelancer looking for a place to call “home”? Perhaps you are at one of the “big” firms and you just want to have a “real life” again? Or, you might be a process consultant who really wants to be more technology-based? We accept applications from experienced (+5 years, 10+ for Senior) technical experts and process consultants and our first choice will be experience in SAP, IBM, Informatica, Oracle, Salesforce, Talend environments. We are an international team with a love for high quality work. Since we are a female-led company, we also get excited when we get the lonesome application from a female in this male-dominated industry. At Lusion, we are committed to making your project life successful. To that end, we support our employees and freelance partners with trainings and coachings and anything else which makes them a hero to themselves. Give us a call or send your application. We are ready to answer your questions.